Host4Geeks Review

You know how annoying it may be if you’ve ever dealt with a bad web hosting provider. If the server is sluggish, frequently unavailable, or provides poor assistance, a horrible web hosting experience may result. Recently, the Host4Geek Hosting company provided comparable service to our staff at

The Issue

From Host4Geek, we bought reseller hosting and a WHMCS licence about six months ago. Everything was running smoothly until we recently ran into a few problems with them. Below, we’ll share them all with you.

WHMCS License keeps getting expired.

Prepare to lose your company’s repute if you ever consider using Host4Geeks to host your hosting company. The worst aspect is that they wait 24 hours to reissue a new licence after their WHMCS licence expires. This implies that your company’s billing is unavailable for longer than 24 hours.

The support team is highly unprofessional and rude

Reading all those fabricated reviews of Host4Geeks support? As you can see, they are all false. They provide the worst and most unprofessional customer service in the market. One of their technical support staff members named Tushar provides replies that are completely unrelated to the questions you have asked and doesn’t even understand what the customer is asking for.

No Data Privacy

Since we joined Host4Geeks, we have observed that members of their support team have been persistently attempting to log into our cPanel, which has all of our customers’ credit card information and emails. We even emailed their CEO, Mr. Kushal Rana, about it in February 2022, but he didn’t reply, and they continued to access our data. This is a screenshot of the letter we sent to their CEO.

They Disabled our Dedicated IP silently

Since the day we signed up with them, we have been paying for dedicated IP, but recently we realised they had disabled it and discreetly switched us to shared IP—and even continued to bill us for it for months! The interesting thing is that when they inquired about it, Mr. Tushar responded, “Check with Cloudflare as we have enabled Cloudflare on the domain.” He didn’t even try to see if they had given us a dedicated IP, which is funny. Here is an example:

A dedicated IP allocated by “Host4Geeks” which is their main server IP

You are locked with them

As soon as we dediced we are done with them, we made the decision to part ways with them and switch to a different hosting company. Now that we had to transfer our data from host4geeks to a new hosting company, guess what? You aren’t even permitted to transfer your data because the backup plugin in cPanel is disabled there. And when requested to activate it, they claim they are unable to do so since doing so would put a load on the server’s resources and compromise security. However, they are willing to provide a backup for $2 per cPanel.

Since we have been in the hosting business for 15 years, we are aware of all the methods used to harass customers who are switching hosting companies. As a result, once you relocate there, Host4Geeks has you locked in.

Final Thoughts

Your web hosting provider should be a strong foundation. Host4Geeks spends hundreds of dollars purchasing all those fake reviews on HostAdvice and TrustPilot in an effort to deceive customers into signing up with them. They are not even deserving of the label “respectable web host.” You will regret joining once you do, but you could feel forced to stick with them for the rest of your life.

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