Hetnix.com aka LayerBridge Fraud Company Beware

Hetnix.com Aka LayerBridge.com Web Hosting company Honest user reviews:

  • The fact is that they don’t know what a web hosting provider should do. The most important thing is that they need to understand the importance of a website for any business. But with hetnix your website will be down almost 99% of the time. Hence, there is no use for such hosting. The staff is unprofessional and talks rudely, and live chat representatives don’t know how to conduct a chat. And instead of providing support, they provide excuses. Hence, I advise all to stay away from hetnix to protect your business, they dumb persons can ruin your business in a few days. Anonymous Hetrix Client
  • I had leased a dedicated server from Hetnix.com and its been 1 week now, they haven’t delivered the server and never replied to tickets. Today, I noticed that they had closed my account without refunding my money! BEWARE! — Anonymous Hetrix Client
  • Total scam, be carefull, credit card process charges you but they claim its not, your bank wont revers that transacction so thats on my … should know from there. Any server will be up only for one or two days after that all will be problems. Server wont boot on for long times,
    Server will lost conection every 14 hrs for arround 8 or 12 hrs and will be back online for a few hours Support takes 24/48 to attend urgent tickets and they think getting a server online its not urgent so then they will just stop answering till your account be delete … make sure not leave any CC on they record … — Anonymous Hetrix Client