Introduction offers fully managed WordPress hosting solutions with a build-in CDN, Dual Web Application Firewalls, and supports HTTP/2 & HTTP/3 which brings your WordPress as close as possible to the visitor and secures your WordPress, and accelerates your WordPress speed.


  • is known for its
    • Simplified WordPress platform.
    • Instant speed optimization using Cloudflare Enterprise CDN.
    • Build-in Advanced Security firewall.
    • Fast WordPress Migration.
  • is best suited for
    • Medium or Large size Bloggers.
    • eCommerce Websites built using WordPress.
    • Less Technical knowledge about WordPress setup/management customers.

WordPress Hosting offered by Rocket.Net is an effortless WordPress hosting platform that is designed to empower customers to instantly optimize & launch WordPress websites in just a few clicks.

  • Features
    • WordPress Simplified – Easy to use WordPress only Control Panel that allows you to effortlessly launch, backup, restore and optimize WordPress performance with just a click of a few buttons.
    • Advanced Security – With an Advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF), keep your WordPress always protected from Hackers, malware, attacks, etc.
    • Free WordPress Migration – offers Free WordPress migration using an automatic solution as well as manual migration.
    • 2-3x Better Performance – Accelerate your WordPress site speed up to 3x times using Enterprise CDN, Faster TTFB, Lower Latency, Caching & 20+ Edge Hosting Locations.
    • Quick Customer Support – Offers 24/7 support using Live Chat & Ticket with a quick resolution time.

  • Performance
    • uses Cloudflare Enterprise CDN service to deliver traffic to your WordPress site which gives a boost to your WordPress site by loading your site from the nearest Cloudflare point of presence with priority routing, unlike Cloudflare free CDN plan.
    • has servers located in  200+ Locations that will load your website from to the closest location as possible along with caching and security. Review Network Map
  • Using service, your visitors will experience great speed improvements which will eventually boost your SEO performance. Performance Performance

Plans WordPress Hosting Plans WordPress Hosting Plans
  • offers 4 plans to choose from for your WordPress website depending on the number of WordPress sites, visitors, and Storage.
  • is much more expensive when compared to other WordPress Hosting platforms like WPEngine.

Customer Support offers 24/7 support through chat, ticket, & email. Packed with a team of WordPress Experts, the team help you resolve all your issues and optimize your WordPress site at no additional cost. They also offer a free WordPress migration service for migrating all your WordPress data from your previous web host completely free and quickly.

Final Thoughts can be a good competitor to Top WordPress hosting providers like WPEngine & Scala Hosting Soon with all these features & services. However, all these features & services will come at a cost which a small website owner cannot afford. Also, setting up DNS records for pointing your domain to servers instead of using a traditional Nameserver system can be quite rocket science for users with less technical knowledge.