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ConnectReseller is a domain reseller company that allows resellers to resell domain names to their customers. It is a sister company of OwnRegistrar Inc, an ICANN Accredited Domain Name Registrar. ConnectReseller office is located in India.

Recently, our team moved to ConnectReseller as they offered a better price for .com domains than ResellerClub. Here is our detailed experience –

Our Experience

We signed up for a connectreseller domain reseller account on their website and tried to test their service. In a few hours, we got a message on Whatsapp from their sales team, and guided us through their service which was a good gesture initially. They even offered us to offer a better price for .com domains than the regular one mentioned on their site.

We registered a few sample domains with them to test their service and we were satisfied with them. Things went on smoothly for 6 months until we noticed missing funds in our domain reseller account. The leftover balance after registering a few domains with them all of sudden started showing a negative amount.

We tried to contact them by sending them an email with a screenshot of the transaction log which clearly showed we had a leftover balance after the last transaction. Here is the screenshot.

The transaction highlighted is the last transaction we did which clearly shows we had a leftover The transaction highlighted is the last transaction we did, which clearly shows we had a leftover balance (“Current Balance”) even after registering the domain. After noticing a negative balance in our wallet, we tried adding a test amount (Rs.100) thinking it was showing negative by mistake, but it was not.

After contacting them via email, we received a WhatsApp message stating that they had corrected the transaction log and that the new transaction log is –

They modified the transaction log from top to bottom (11 transactions in total) to justify their fund theft. When we complained about the same and asked how they could modify the transaction log, we received a call from a person named “Deven Jaggi” who claimed to be head of business operations of ConnectReseller and spoke to us very rudely about record modification, saying they have the complete right to modify the transaction log. He even threatened our team member with writing a review of this fraud.


ConnectReseller is a company posing itself as a professional company, which doesn’t care about its customers’ money and modifies transactions without notifying them. A company working with unprofessional goons threatens its customers and stops them from raising their voices.

We would suggest going with ResellerClub rather than moving to a fund-stealing company.

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