Scala Hosting Honest Review 2024

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Scala Hosting Honest Review 2024

May 28, 2024


Scala Hosting has been a well-known web host for almost a decade now. Known for its reliability, performance, advanced features, and well-known development in the field of web hosting like SPanel has made Scala Hosting the number one choice for several products including web hosting & managed cloud VPS Hosting.

Scala Hosting Reviews

Scala Hosting Features

Scala Hosting is well known for –

  • Cheapest Cloud VPS Server provider.
  • Free in-house developed cPanel alternative control panel ‘SPanel’.
  • 30 days no question asked money-back guarantee.
  • Free Website Migration.
  • Best in Class Customer Support.
  • Automated Backup of your data.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Offers white label hosting solutions.
  • Faster loading servers with HTTP/3 Technology.

Scala Hosting Fully Managed Cloud VPS Server Review

The best part about Scala Hosting is that they are on a mission to empower every site on the planet to benefit from the advanced features of Fully Managed Cloud VPS Service at a price that most of the Well-Known reputed hosting companies offer a basic Web Hosting which is starting at just $9.95 per month. This is something that has made a large crowd from the audience move towards their Managed Cloud VPS Servers.

Scala Hosting Managed Cloud VPS


  • Low Price – No doubt about that, their Managed Cloud VPS Server is one of the cheapest cloud plans in the web hosting industry. A very competitive price loaded with a bundle of features is what attracts the audience towards them.
  • Free Control Panel – This is also one of the most attractive offers that make a customer looking for a VPS server choose Scala Hosting. Yes, Scala hosting offers a free full managed NGINX control panel ‘SPanel’ which is a great alternative to cPanel with all their Cloud VPS Plans. This is especially a need of hour after cPanel drastic changes in pricing policy in 2019.  
  • Advanced Security – Another great feature of Scala Hosting is that they have developed their very own advanced security solution called ‘SShield’ which offers real-time protection for your website by blocking 99.9% of the attacks. It also detects any malicious behavior on your website. This feature is completely free with Managed Cloud VPS servers, and one need not spend additional bucks on the security of your website.
  • SWordpress Manager – Yet another free feature of Scala Hosting which allows 1 click WordPress installer with automatic updates to all plugins & themes. One need not purchase any other software license like Softaculous for managing WordPress like in cPanel.
  • Fully Managed – All Cloud VPS Servers plans of Scala hosting are fully managed, and you need not worry about the technical aspects of server management and rather focus on your website. Scala Hosting team will take care of all the issues with the server unlike the case with an unmanaged VPS server.


  • Scala Hosting uses SSD Drives for all its hosting solutions which are 10 times faster than a normal HDD drive and hence, improve the loading time of your website.
  • They also use HTTP/3 which is a new Internet transport protocol QUIC that makes a website load faster than a traditional HTTP protocol.
  • One major drawback of Scala hosting is limited data center locations. They offer very few choices to select from which include Dallas, New York, Bulgaria, and Sofia. However, they also offer Cloud servers from other cloud providers like DigitalOcean and Amazon AWS where a customer has a variety of server locations to choose from.


Scala Hosting Managed Cloud VPS server’s plans are as follows (As of May 2021) –

Scala Hosting Managed Cloud VPS Plans

Scala Hosting Managed Cloud VPS Plans

Scala Hosting offers 4 Cloud VPS plans. You can also customize your VPS by using the Build Your Own VPS feature. All Plans come with a bundle of features that include –

  • Free domain name.
  • Fully managed.
  • Free Control Panel ‘SPanel’.
  • Free Dedicated IP.
  • You also get a premium Softaculous license on all Cloud VPS plans.
  • 40% discount on Jetpack license.

Scala Hosting Plans Details

Scala Hosting plans are very cheap compared to all other cloud service providers along with a bundle of free features you get with each plan. These plans are a value for money and can help you save a lot of your savings in the long run. You can start using a cloud server just for $9.95 only and you need not even pay for a domain name, control panel & other essentials which is very incredible.

Customer Support

Scala Hosting offers 24/7 support through chat, ticket, & email. They claim to respond to your live chat call in less than 30 seconds and 15 minutes for a ticket response. We have tested their support and found that the support team is very friendly and responsive to all your queries. They also have a vast comprehensive knowledge base that offers a section full of self-rescue resources. Scala hosting quick support is another major advantage for choosing them.

Final Thoughts

Scala Hosting has its pros and cons. Higher renewal prices and limited server locations are major drawbacks of Scala. However, features like SPanel & SShield can help someone save a lot of dollars when compared to other hosting providers.

Overall, Scala Hosting Is a top-notch choice for a large piece of audience especially for people who are looking for a Cloud VPS and do not want to pay for an expensive cPanel license.

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