MilesWeb Honest Review 2024

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MilesWeb Honest Review 2024

May 28, 2024

If you have ever had a run-in with a terrible web hosting company, then you know how frustrating it can be. A bad web hosting experience can happen if the server is slow, has frequent downtime, or has bad support. Our team at had a similar experience with the MilesWeb Hosting company recently.

The Issue

We had purchased a Reseller Hosting plan with MilesWeb for one of our clients. MilesWeb had always been a top advertised web hosting company as a very reliable web host so we had decided to go for milesweb without even having a chat with their support team or checking how quick their support is. Initially, we had noticed that they are charging 2x times higher price for a single dedicated IP compared to other hosting providers.

After placing the order, we had opened a migration request and it took them 6 – 8 hours for them to reply to a single ticket. This raised a concern for us and we had decided to cancel the service and move ahead with another host but till then we received a call from one of their management and guaranteed us quick support.

During the migration, we faced several issues in that 24 hrs as each account was migrated twice which led to dataloss in our WHMCS database. And there was no reply from them for any ticket we had raised in such a crucial mishap. Nobody cares about your data at milesweb.

In the meantime, we had continuously tried contacting them but were unable to contact them. After 3 days everything seems to be sorted but we had noticed an issue with “Upgrading WHMCS Version” on their server which was not possible as the upgrade was failing repeatedly due to 1MB I/O Usage resource offered by them on each cpanel account.

When we checked their plans or terms, we couldn’t find any reference to how much resources we would receive in our plan for each account. We contacted them and as we were under the refund claim period they had increased the I/O usage to 5MB for only “2 Hours” for us to upgrade the WHMCS version. We were surprised as to how a company who has offered us “Reseller Hosting with WHMCS License” couldn’t support WHMCS software and gave us only “2 Hours” to upgrade our software.

Later after 1 month and 2 days of using their service, we again had to contact them for “Upgrading I/O usage” for upgrading our WHMCS version. Note: our 30 days refund policy was ended by now, we received this reply from their team.

This was the moment, we felt we had it enough and decided to end our service with them and move to a new hosting provider. Now we had to migrate our data from milesweb to a new hosting provider and guess what, you aren’t even allowed to migrate your data as they have blocked you from taking “Full account backup” on cPanel.

You cant take a full account backup of any website hosted with them nor the new web host can migrate your data to a new server. We felt WE ARE LOCKED with milesweb now and have to move data manually if we want to.

After 8 hours of continuous efforts, we were able to somehow migrate all data from milesweb to a new web host manually for all our websites.

Reasons why you should not choose Milesweb

  • Poor support – They had only spent money on advertisements and not on support staff. Support is too slow, unprofessional, and rude.
  • Restrictions – There are too many restrictions on their server to use their service.
  • No Backup – They have openly mentioned on their site that they don’t take backup of your data and you are solely responsible for your data in case of any data loss. Upon that their servers don’t even allow you to take backup or move to a new host.

Final Thoughts

Your Web hosting provider should represent a reliable foundation. Milesweb doesn’t fit to be called even a decent web host and they are paying thousands of dollars for all those fake reviews on HostAdvice & TrustPilot for fooling the customers into signup with them. Once you signup, you will definitely repent your decision but you may be locked with them forever forcefully.

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