The Asahi Glass Foundation Announces the Results of the 31st Annual “Questionnaire on Environmental Problems and the Survival of Humankind”

  • The time on the Clock has turned back for two consecutive years since 2021, striking 9:35 in 2022. It was the first period in 12 years the time on the Clock had gone back for two consecutive years.
  • Looking at the times on the Clock around the world, the time moved forward more than 10 minutes in North America, Africa, Middle East, and Eastern Europe & former Soviet Union.
  • “Climate Change” has been the top environmental issue since 2011 that the respondents worldwide have had on their minds.
  • The advances made in “Policies and Legal System” and “Social Infrastructure (Funds, Human Resources, Technologies, and Facilities)” were less pronounced than those for “Public Awareness.”
  • The category most commonly identified as showing signs of improvement in approach was “Climate Change” (30.0%), followed by “Society Economy and Environment, Policies, Measures” (15.1%), and “Lifestyle (Consumption Habits)” (14.5%).
  • In respondents’ worldview, “l. No Poverty” was the most selected as the goal that will have the lowest level of realization in 2030, followed by “2. Zero Hunger,” and “16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.”

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Asahi Glass Foundation (Chairman: Takuya Shimamura) has conducted an annual survey with environmental experts from around the world since 1992. This year, we sent the questionnaire to 202 countries around the world, and received responses from 1,876 people in over 127 countries. Below are the main points from this year’s questionnaire results. Further details are available in the report of the “31st Annual Questionnaire on Environmental Problems and the Survival of Humankind,” or online at the Foundation’s web site, starting at 11 a.m. September 8.



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