Taiwan Excellence Pavilion Showcasing at The AACC Expo (American Association for Clinical Chemistry) for the First Time

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The demands of examinations for independent testing institutes and labs have been expanding and growing from the continuous impact of the pandemic. Taiwan Excellence is leading a team of award-winning medical testing products to attend the largest and most influential global expo, AACC in Chicago, aiming for post-pandemic business opportunities.

Many countries have been reopening gates to travelers around the world during this post-pandemic era. Chicago this time is welcoming all global leading experts in the examination and testing field to gather together for this insightful event. Taiwan Excellence Pavilion is honored to have Chroma ATE Inc., Taiwan Advanced Nanotech, CYP (Cypress Technology), :dc (Dacian Technology), and IDRC (CHYNG HONG ELECTRONIC CO. LTD.) representing Taiwan to showcase their phenomenal innovations starting on the 26th of this month. It is estimated to attract over 20 thousand visiting practitioners from affiliated fields to attend and proceed with further discussions about business over the 3-day expo.

Director Cheng from TECO in Chicago stated that many physical events have been gradually resumed after the pandemic. AACC is held every other year between the East and West coasts, and it has finally come back to Chicago after 4 long years. The maiden show from Taiwan Excellence Pavilion without a doubt has attracted undivided attention from the rest of the world.

Director Lin from Taiwan Trade Center, Chicago especially introduced Taiwan Excellence to the event organizer and medical exclusive media. Among all, the “TANBead Nucleic Acid Extractor (Non-sterile)” from Taiwan Advanced Nanotech has reached out to over 80 countries, and the CE-IVD and FAD certified and approved “MagXtract® 3200- Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor with PCR Setup System” from Chroma ATE Inc. have both acquired many inquiries by the visiting experts and practitioners from the testing field.

Yiyong, the representative from a Canadian medical technology company believes that the “Multi-viewer with Streaming Solution and Stand-alone PC-based System” can provide remote precision medical procedures and teaching programs with its streaming and imaging integration for medical facilities.

Jerry, a representative from a medical diagnose equipment manufacturer in Florida always has his heart set on Taiwan and believes that products from Taiwan stand for quality with best services. He wishes to conduct some collaborations with Taiwan enterprises with assistance from TAITRA.

Not only were the recognitions from attendees and event organizers were received, the attending members from the Taiwan Excellence team have also given high recognition in return. Ray Chi, the director from Chroma ATE complimented the brilliant design of Taiwan Excellence Pavilion with its perfect location by the main hallway along with explicit theme and sizable billboards for promotion purposes. All these efforts have achieved great success for the attending enterprises to promote their businesses.

As the world is still under the influence of the ongoing pandemic, all medical testing and examining demands will also keep on increasing. Taiwan Advanced Nanotech and Chroma ATE both have their eyes set on the growing market in nucleic acid testing (NAT). AACC has always been the major annual event for experts in testing to attend looking for new products and innovations to grasp the most updated dynamic trends. As Taiwan Excellence Award-Winning products are showcased at AACC, it shows that the testing industry from Taiwan is growing firm and strong. Further planning and deployments are currently being anticipated for autumn and winter to generate more and higher achievements.

Taiwan Excellence Pavilion at AACC 2022:



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