NAVEE TECH Launches the Electric Scooter N40 in the Global Market

STOCKHOLM–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Recently NAVEE Tech launched NAVEE N40 E-scooter which is exactly the kind of low-cost yet high-value electric scooters designed to help get more commuters onto two wheels. The new electric scooter offers comfortable, enjoyable, and joyful rides.

The N40 comes equipped with high-capacity batteries providing impressive range capabilities which can run for nearly 40km without a charge. The 10-inch pneumatic tires, with superior shock absorption, make your ride smoother and more stable even on bumpy terrain or rough surfaces.

With 350watt Brushless Motor, N40’s output helping you conquer up to a 20% grade slope, and supports three different speed level. The maximum speed of N40 can reach 30 km/h. (Noted: The Brushless Motor of Nordic version is 250watt and the maximum speed can reach 20 km/h according to the laws and regulations). N40 is perfect for Nordic commuters.

What’s more, the Smart Battery Management system ensures battery safety and to notify you of any battery alerts when needed. The carefully tuned Dual Braking System utilize the advantage of disc braking and electric brake. With the quick folding system, the N40 can be easily folded almost in 3 seconds to store in the trunk.

The highlighted features of N40 are as below:

• Long range up to 40 km

• 18% superb uphill climbing ability

• 10 inch pneumatic tires

• Rated power 250watt brushless motor

• Max loading weight 100kg

• 15cm wide deck

• Front E-ABS brake with rear disc brake

• Three speed levels

• Support cruise control & energy recovery

• Ultra-bright front light

NAVEE TECH has a professional design and R&D team with rich experience in micro-mobility. The design and development of each product is based on the thorough understanding of customers’ requirements and pain points, as well as the full consideration of practicality, safety comfort at the stage of design and performance value.

In middle July, NAVEE N40 will be available at global market with only priced at €569.


NAVEE TECH, founded in 2020, is an innovative company specializing in the R&D, production, and distribution of e-scooters and e-bikes. NAVEE is committed to providing vehicles featuring the latest innovations & technology to global customers, and to making micro-mobility more smart, enjoyable, and convenient.

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