Mitsubishi Electric to Launch “MELSOFT Gemini” 3D Simulator

3D digital twin simulation will streamline design and construction of production facilities while improving quality

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that on April 28 it will launch the “MELSOFT Gemini” 3D simulator, which will expedite the design and construction of production facilities by using digital space to simulate and verify envisioned production operations in a 3-dimentional environment. By connecting to a variety of software and factory devices, MELSOFT Gemini will visualize, simulate and help streamline manufacturing work processes ranging from design of production facilities to operation and maintenance.

The recent pandemic has caused restrictions on human mobility and face-to-face communication, which has made it difficult for manufacturers to install and maintain production facilities. Meanwhile, the manufacturing sector is seeing growing demand for the digital transformation of factories. These industry trends have brought the spotlight on to the use of digital space for solving various issues on production sites. MELSOFT Gemini can help solve such issues and streamline processes by using digital space to simulate the operation of production facilities before they are installed and operated for real.

Going forward, Mitsubishi Electric will continue to provide value to customers throughout their manufacturing lifecycle with digital technologies.

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