mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection: Afternoon Exhibition No. 6 “Pearl”; Motif of Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”

Limited Offer from July 1st (Fri) ~ October 31st (Mon), 2022

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection has taken various deliberations to enchant your five senses by resonating with Tokyo’s dynamic spirit and vibe. The hotel unveiled a new Afternoon Exhibition, “Pearl,” encompassing the world of Girl with a Pearl Earring, a masterpiece by Johannes Vermeer, the 17th-century Dutch master of paintings.

The Afternoon Exhibition will take place at the Bar & Lounge “Whisk” located on the 16th floor from Friday, July 1st to Monday, October 31st, 2022, limited to only 15 seats on weekdays.

The Afternoon Exhibition at “Whisk” presents sweets, savories, and mocktails in harmony with the concept of the Exhibition “Artist’s Atelier.” Every piece presented at the exhibition is inspired by the artworks of the greatest artists in history such as Dalí, Vermeer, da Vinci, and Monet. Girl with a Pearl Earring, which was highly acclaimed in the second exhibit last spring, will be re-exhibited in this sixth exhibit to respond to the high requests. Just as this special event is named “Afternoon Exhibition,” enjoy obtaining artistic inspiration as if you are having an afternoon stroll at an art gallery.

The Afternoon Exhibition begins with a time travel through Vermeer’s life with the 8 Variety Sweets & Savories, manifesting the significant locations and times. From the juicy tiger bread burger to the classic semolina pudding and the traditional prune tart based on the cookbook published in the 17th century, each piece is delicately constructed to recall the images of Vermeer’s life in the Dutch Golden Age. The main piece showcased is the dramatic cake depicting the salient silhouette of the girl. The sweet and crispy pie tart at the base with the rose and berry mousse covered in fluffy mascarpone layer produces an elegant marriage. Each piece comes with a handmade candy filled with passionfruit and orange sauce. The sauce arranges the piece for a taste of Crepes Suzette by enjoying the golden crepe together. Pairing with the cake will be a mocktail using elderflower, muscat grapes, lemon, and soda, simulating the elderflower cordial, a summer essential in the Netherlands.



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