Mavan Celebrates Two Years of Client Wins and Growth

Global Network of More than 150 Proven Industry Experts Shares They’ve Helped Over 25 Clients Achieve Major Growth Goals, While Officially Unveiling Plans for Mavan Studio to Build World-Changing Start-Ups

MENLO PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#GrowMavan, an exclusive network of talent from the fastest-growing companies in tech that is transforming the way startups solve growth at scale, announces that it has grown its global team to over 150 senior growth specialists across product, data, engineering, marketing, and creative. Founded in 2020, Mavan has worked to drive measurable and sustainable growth with over 25 companies across fintech, crypto, gaming, entertainment, health, and B2B SaaS.

“Mavan has grown quickly over the last two years and we’ve recently added senior leaders from companies like Snap, MasterClass, and Zynga to further strengthen our leadership team,” said Matt Widdoes, Founder and CEO of Mavan. “All companies want to hire great people, but attracting and retaining top talent is expensive and time consuming. Mavan solves this by delivering the specialized teams required to drive growth at scale at a fraction of the cost and time it takes to build teams through traditional hiring.”

In particular, Mavan recently helped an NFT client sell out a $15 million offering in less than 90 days after launch, oversaw development for a major YouTube influencer’s upcoming mobile app, and led paid acquisition efforts for a globally recognizable fitness brand, showcasing Mavan’s abilities to solve for growth across a wide range of industries.

“When it comes to launching products, it’s survival of the fastest,” said Malachi Rose, VP of Growth at Mavan. “Opportunities are missed when companies are under-resourced and unable to quickly execute across the wide range of growth functions required to rapidly scale a business. By leveraging the proven strategies our team has developed across many years of growth, our clients are able to more quickly outmaneuver their competitors.”

As the company has proven its fractional growth model can successfully scale companies, Mavan is unveiling its plans for Mavan Studio, an in-house venture studio, which invests in the brightest minds across tech to build world-changing startups. Mavan Studio leverages the same expert network of world-class talent Mavan offers to clients to incubate their own start-up ideas. Mavan funds up to the first $250,000, and executes the research, prototyping, and demand testing necessary to identify the most viable opportunities.

About Mavan

Mavan is an exclusive network of senior leaders from the fastest-growing companies in tech. We apply the methods we’ve pioneered over the last 15 years to validate and grow our client’s startups – from series A to C. All startups would benefit from specialist talent but are often capital constrained and forced to settle for a few generalists. Mavan solves this. We assemble specialized teams in weeks instead of months at a fraction of the traditional cost. We work in clearly defined 90-day sprints, guarantee our work month to month, and leave clients with consistent, predictable growth systems. We are experts in strategy, data, marketing, creative, product, and engineering who work with internal leaders to help grow their startups. After analyzing their business, we deliver recommendations, align on strategy, and deploy the right people with the right skills at the right time to deliver against their unique growth goals. We work as an extension of their team integrating seamlessly with existing leadership, employees, and external partners.

About Mavan Studio

Great talent shouldn’t have to choose between financial stability and entrepreneurship. The founding team at Mavan created Mavan Studio to allow the brightest minds across tech to incubate their own start-up ideas without having to take on personal risk. Tapping into the same expert network of world-class talent we offer our clients, we’ll invest up to $250,000 in early-stage concepts, perform market research, engineer prototypes, and execute testing to validate ventures in less than 90 days. This approach significantly lowers the time it takes to validate an opportunity and lowers the risk for follow-on investors.


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