iHealthScreen Inc. Provides A Telemedicine platform callMyDoctor™: An Android and iOS APP

iHealthScreen’s callMyDoctor is HIPAA Compliant, Enables Automated Scheduling, and Provides Recording to Facilitate Insurance Reimbursement

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AIcallMyDoctor provides an Android and iOS app platform with telemedicine capabilities that enables patient scheduling, prescription, and the call recording facilities typically required for insurance reimbursement.

The apps can be downloaded and installed by users from standard app stores. The product is easy to use: the patient schedules the appointment, the doctor accepts the invite, the doctor can initiate the telemedicine call and record and send prescriptions to the patient. Other intelligent features include automatic medication-name completion simply from typing the initials of the medicine: this capability was created through the indexing of thousands of prescription and OTC compounds listed in official medicine databases.

The callMyDoctor app can be used by primary or tertiary care physicians with no requirement for a long-term contract.

iHealthScreen company is open to partnerships for distribution and/or co-development of its products in various geographies. For more information: https://www.iHealthScreen.org


Alauddin Bhuiyan, Ph.D.

CEO, iHealthScreen Inc.

E: bhuiyan@ihealthscreen.org
T: +1 718 926 9000