Hongshan Culture’s “Praise of Life” Austro-Hungarian Empire Chapter Released

The Praise of Life, driving the world’s third cultural renaissance

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On March 31, 22, Beijing time, Zhai Peng, the founder of the great renaissance of Chinese culture, planned and created a large jade sculpture group work, the original Austro-Hungarian chapter of the Praise of Life, which was launched and once again sparked enthusiastic attention around the world.

Each of the works in “The Praise of Life” is carved from a complete piece of natural jade, which is unique in history and is a miracle on earth. This time, the original Austro-Hungarian chapter restores the long-standing food culture of several countries including Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The works cover raw fish marinated in Austrian lemon juice, Slovak strawberry bread and Czech pork knuckle, providing a perfect interpretation of world cultures.

The influence of culture and art on the world is huge and immeasurable. After the Renaissance in Europe, “The Praise of Life” will once again drive the third cultural renaissance in the world, giving a sense of honor to human beings all over the world and creating a new height for the civilization of all mankind.



Zhang Luyang

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