DISH Network Installs ClearOne Collaboration Gear in Multiple Corporate Buildings

BMA 360 Beamforming Microphone Array Ceiling Tiles and UNITE® 200 PTZ cameras deliver stunning audio and video conferencing capabilities in large rooms.

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AVtweeps–Ensuring that its remote communications capabilities are up to the latest standards of modern video conferencing, DISH Network has outfitted several of its largest conference rooms with innovative audio and video capture solutions from ClearOne (NASDAQ: CLRO), a global market leader enabling conferencing, collaboration, and network streaming solutions.

According to DISH Senior Videoconference & Audio Visual Engineer David Sayer, multiple DISH Network buildings and meeting spaces in Colorado now feature ClearOne’s intelligent BMA 360 Beamforming Microphone Array Ceiling Tiles (BMA-CT) and UNITE® 200 PTZ cameras that deliver impeccable call quality through advanced features and technologies.

“Remote collaboration has been a growing trend for several decades, and the technologies available today from manufacturers like ClearOne have drastically improved the reliability, quality and effectiveness of virtual meetings,” Sayer said. “With the new BMA-CT microphones and UNITE 200 PTZ cameras, we can ensure 100 percent audio and video coverage of our largest rooms designed to hold up to 200 people. The intelligent features of each device, including automatic beamforming in the microphones and remote-controlled zoom for the cameras, provide a foolproof collaboration environment that’s generated unanimous praise amongst employees.”

Beginning several years ago, DISH Network recognized the quality and simplicity offered by ClearOne’s collaboration equipment and began using the technology when upgrades or replacements were required. Fast forward to 2021 and the company has all but standardized the gear for new rooms and renovations, with four locations so far featuring ClearOne solutions.

At the company’s corporate headquarters in Englewood, Colorado, a Denver suburb, all of the largest conference and meeting rooms use virtually identical ClearOne-based systems for virtual meetings. Each space utilizes up to three BMA-CTs installed in the ceiling and two UNITE 200 cameras for video capture, along with CONVERGE® Pro 2 128 units with on-board VOIP and advanced noise cancellation algorithms.

In addition to raising the audio quality and reliability during its video collaborations, the new system design also freed the company from expensive codec subscriptions that were required for the previous system. Sayer was inclined to retain the VOIP-based operations they had become accustomed to, but with greater control, simpler set up and universal compatibility with all of today’s leading collaboration platforms such as Meet, Teams, WebEx and Zoom.

“In our main headquarters, where each conference room is named for a local Colorado mountain or region, we are using class-leading projectors and LED displays ranging from 55” to 98” to give us ultra-clear views of our virtual counterparts,” Sayer added. “We have a significant need to ensure every virtual meeting goes smoothly and presents us at our best, and the ClearOne microphones and cameras provide the same top-level performance as our displays. After all, when 200 people or more meet for a virtual session, every minute it takes to set up or troubleshoot equipment is a major loss. With the new gear, that is a non-issue.”

In addition to the upgrades in quality and ease of use, the BMA-CT microphones in particular add a noticeable improvement to each room’s aesthetics. Because the design mimics a standard ceiling tile where all the electronics are above the ceiling, they can be placed wherever provides optimal coverage without sacrificing a room’s design. Three of the largest conference rooms house three BMA-CTs each to guarantee that every location in the room can be picked clearly and quickly through the system’s intelligent beamforming that directs microphone sensitivity to the current speaker’s location.

Interacting with the system is a breeze through a control system with touch screen interfaces that assist in room scheduling, meeting start-up and other critical meeting needs.

“As a market leader in a technology-centric industry, DISH Network has to show that it understands the latest tools and standards when presenting itself to partners and colleagues, making the ClearOne systems a natural progression for their meeting spaces,” said ClearOne Chair & CEO Zee Hakimoglu. “While ensuring high-quality presentation is a core need, we were also able to help the company remain flexible by enabling both VOIP and USB-based audio to satisfy the protocols for any conferencing platform.”

Sayer explained that each room uses two separate computers in coordination with the CONVERGE Pro 2 to offer the dual-audio option, which is required for optimizing calls across their preferred platform and any other platform a vendor or outside partner may use to set up a call.

Looking forward, Sayer expects to continue designing and installing meeting room systems with ClearOne solutions, including smaller rooms that can utilize other ClearOne products.

“The customer service and system assistance we receive from ClearOne has demonstrated that the company is dedicated to ensuring our success, and not simply selling us products,” Sayer noted. “The technical proficiency, simplicity, reliability and support offered by ClearOne gives us peace of mind that every meeting will go off without a hitch and every room will perform consistently for years to come.”

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