BGI’s Huo-Yan Lab Helps Saudi Arabia to Safeguard Pilgrims’ Health During the Hajj

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In the early morning of July 4, in response to the needs of the Saudi Arabian National Public Health Authority, BGI’s Huo-Yan Cube laboratory was successfully delivered to Mecca to help strengthen the COVID-19 control and prevention.

During the annual Hajj, nearly a million pilgrims will travel to Mecca. The addition of BGI’s Huo-Yan Cube laboratory will help to safeguard the health and safety of these pilgrims.

In June this year, the Saudi National Public Health Authority requested to operate this laboratory during hajj. BGI responded swiftly and immediately delivered the Huo-Yan Cube Laboratory to Saudi National Public Health Authority on June 30. In the meantime, BGI sent a technical team together with engineers to help with installation and calibration, the preparatory work was completed in 3 days. The first Cube laboratory was transported to Mecca on July 2 and expected to be utilized for around two weeks.

The rapid delivery of BGI’s Huo-Yan Cube laboratory has been appreciated by the Saudi National Public Health Authority. Saudi Arabia’s National Public Health Authority stated that this laboratory would be used for the detection of other infectious diseases after the Hajj.

This BGI laboratory provides high-throughput nucleic acid testing, integrating COVID-19 nucleic acid detection technology worldwide, advanced equipment and years of accumulated laboratory operation experience.

The Huo-Yan mobile laboratory has two different versions: the Air lab and the Cube lab. The Cube lab is developed for the combination of laboratory and large truck. It’s suitable for the workflow solutions for low and medium throughput and rapid emergency use. The design not only fully considers the global biosecurity requirements and industry norms, but also allows for rapid response, rapid movement and rapid deployment.

By the end of 2021, BGI has launched nearly 100 Huo-Yan laboratories overseas, distributed in more than 30 countries and regions around the world. BGI is committed to making positive contributions to public health in various countries and regions.


Ava Zhao