BCI Group Starts Green with China’s First Super Energy Complex Solution

BEIJING–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BCI Group, a leading zero-carbon infrastructure service provider in China, officially released China’s first Super Energy Complex solution.

The announcement said that BCI Group would gradually promote the layout of the Super Energy Complex through the integrated power architecture, the carbon reduction infrastructure model and the integrated reuse of electricity, water, heat and pollution resources. In a sense, the plan can also be seen as a public sustainable development product, improving the carbon reduction capacity of the digital industry chain and effectively controlling greenhouse gas emissions.

It is worth noting that the founder and CEO of BCI Group are Alex Ju, also a serial entrepreneur. Alex found and led a Chinese hyperscale data center infrastructure operator called Chindata(O:CD)from 0 to 1 to the IPO process and profoundly impacted China’s data center industry. As can be seen in his former media interviews, he has always adhered to zero carbon. Alex left Chindata and started a new platform at BCI Group, perhaps intending to move the Super Energy Complex from a concept to a truly neutral, open, inclusive IT infrastructure platform.

About BCI Group:

BCI Group is a leading zero-carbon infrastructure service provider in China. Its entrepreneurial team has many years of experience in developing digital infrastructure and industrial parks, and has witnessed the entire process of the digital economy’s transformation from high-carbon energy drive to low-carbon. Currently, BCI Group laid out renewable storage, park development, equipment manufacturing, and net links services in important node cities in China’s Greater Beijing Area to empower industries to realize the city’s zero-carbon green transformation.


Company Name: BCI Group

Contact Person: Xinyan Liu