ApolloFi: The First Multi-chain SocialFi Platform that advocates Social to Earn

SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ApolloFi is a SocialFi project that advocates Social to Earn. It is the economic platform for creators based on Polygon, Ethereum and BNB Chain.

It’s no secret that social media is changing how we think about privacy and ownership of content online. With the increasing centralization of social media, the development of cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies behind them has accelerated the privacy, data protection, and creator economy thinking.

Just like the butterfly effect of Bitcoin, ApolloFi also tries to stimulate the economic surge of creators with the new Social to Earn model, providing simple and convenient social tools for hundreds of thousands of users to build a free and diverse paradise for creators.

As a social platform rooted in the fertile soil of web3, ApolloFi has five functions: Social, NFT, DeFi, Launchpad, and DAO. Among them, Social is the soul of ApolloFi, users can publish content on the ApolloFi platform (unlimited subject matter, region, race, etc.) and mint it as NFT. According to the Social to Earn incentive mechanism, users can get more social rewards by publishing content and increasing social interactions (number of fans, likes, comments, invited friends), etc. That’s why we call it the SocialFi platform.

Besides, NFT is the entrance to ApolloFi for users. It also serves as the proof of users’ on-chain assets on ApolloFi. Your behavior will manifest through social content creation, community participation, and DAO governance; and you will also get benefits for these. The commercialization properties of the content you produced, the work you shared, how it disseminates, its value-added space, etc. will maximize your monetization through Social.

Since the project’s launch in late 2021, ApolloFi has built a strong and active community that has been growing exponentially. ApolloFi recently adopted LayerZero’s Omnichain solution for NFT liquidity and flexibility through NFT cross-chain transfers. ApolloFi NFTs have launched. Users can trade them on OpenSea and tofuNFT. ApolloFi plans to launch the second round of public testing and distribute token rewards in early June.

About ApolloFi

ApolloFi is a SocialFi creative platform. It is the first web3 multi-chain (Polygon, Ethereum, and BNB Chain) social platform that uses the Social to Earn and Merge NFT Fragments models to allow users to socialize in a free environment.

Visit https://www.apollofi.xyz/ to learn more.


Hally Cooper